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Horse Training: What do you need to do to Teach Young Horse to Jump?


There is nothing quite like a young horse learning to jump. You can feel them “finding their feet” underneath you. Sometimes they give much larger leaps than are necessary over tiny poles. Other times they don’t pick up their legs. It’s just all part of the learning process.

As riders we have the responsibility to:

1 – Help the horse stay relaxed and balanced into, over and after the obstacle

2 – Develop its best shape over the obstacle

3 – Stay and/or become increasingly confident over different obstacles

4 – Stay injury free

Training a horse to jump, specifically a young horse, means that the horse rider needs to ride with correct technique and method. We can assist our horses by:

1 – Riding in balance

2 – Riding with confidence

3 – Maintaining rhythm before and after each obstacle

4 – Not over facing the horse – that is taking things slowly

5 – Exposing the horse to a variety of obstacles

6 – Incorporating obstacles as part of regular work

I regard obstacles as show jumping poles on the ground, elevated poles, logs, etc. Working over poles on the ground a few times every time you ride is excellent for horses and riders. Do not over jump your horse. This can make your horse stale and lead to injury.
As we build our blog we will provide more details on how to achieve these aims. They will also give specific exercises.

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