5 Things How To Pick The Perfect Name For Your New Horse

Choosing your new horse’s name is fun and exciting. It can also be quite challenging – there are so many names to choose from. And of course you will want a really nice name that suits your horse. So what should you take into account when choosing a name?
1.  Sex
Some names are only suited to mares. Other names are only for stallions or geldings. You may want a sex related name – especially if your horse is really ‘lady like’ or ‘quite the man’.
Examples of good names for:
  • Male horses are King’s Ransom, Knight’s Honor, Magic Man, Hunter
  • Female horses are Lady Luck, Sherry, Princess’ Pride, and Honey Girl
2.  Size
Small ponies just cry out for certain names that large horses can’t be called. Think of the horses in the photo above when looking at the examples of the names below.
Examples of good names for:
  • Small ponies: Baby Shoes, Bubbles, Fudge, Shorty
  • Larger horses: Big Red, Carry a King, Critical Mass, Neptune’s Trident
3.  Colour
You may want to think of choosing a name related to your horse’s colour or markings. Who can forget Black Beauty?
Examples of good horses names for:
  • Black horses: Ebony, Black Velvet
  • Grey horses: Silver Flash, Moon Dust
  • Chestnut horses: Red Rover, Spun Gold
  • Paint horses: Matchbox, True Colours, and Indian Feather
  • Horses with socks: Socks, Three Socks
4.  Breed/ Origin
You may want to choose a name related to your horse’s breed or origin. For example, if your horse is an Arabian you may want to think of an Arabian name. A French name or Dutch name may suit a French or Dutch warmblood e.g. Amor, or Zolinder.
5.  Character
You may want a name that reflects your horse’s character. You certainly don’t want a name that is the opposite. Examples of names reflecting character are Braveheart, Shy Boy, Serenity, Be Happy, Best Behaviour, and Noble Cause.
Best of luck choosing your horse’s name.
“The blog is the personal opinion and views of the author. It contains general information and may contain inaccuracies. You should always seek the advice of a professional horse riding instructor on your own specific situation and circumstances.”